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Julbord: IKEA Holiday Buffet

Posted on December 10, 2009 at 3:23 am
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Woo-hoo! It’s time for the annual IKEA Julbord, literally translated as Yule Table or Christmas Table. This Friday, December 11th (that’s tomorrow, folks), get this all-you-can-eat Smorgasbord for only $15.99 (kids 12 and under only $2.49). It’s a buffet during which you can stuff your face with all the meatballs you can eat, not to mention all the other Swedish food offerings. Seating may be limited (and advance purchase tickets may be required!), so make sure you get all the details after the jump!

The Traditional Scandinavian Julbord

A Julbord is a traditional feast served from the beginning of December until just before Christmas in homes and restaurants in Scandinavian countries – it is the highlight of Swedish Cuisine, and it is the standard Christmas dinner in Scandinavian countries. Dishes typically include local and family specialties.

The traditional smorgasbord starts with bread dipped in the ham broth and continues with the many offerings on the table. Julbord is typically eaten in three courses – the first course would typically be a variety of fish. The second course is cold sliced meats; the most important being the aforementioned ham. And the third course includes warm dishes such as Swedish meatballs, sausages, roasted pork ribs and more. The feast usually concludes with a grand dessert.

If IKEA ever invites me to visit them in Sweden, I’m SOOO wanting to go at Christmastime to experience this feast! Although, Midsommar seems fun too…

IKEA Julbord Buffet

According to IKEA, their Swedish holiday buffet will include,

Swedish holiday ham, smoked salmon, roast beef, potato casserole, Swedish style meatballs with ligonberries, assorted cheeses, crisp bread, gravid lax with mustard, sauteed sausage, poached salmon, liverwurst pate, assorted desserts, and so much more.

Oh, nomnomnom! I’m so wanting to figure out a way to get there on Friday!  Buffet hours vary – for instance, at IKEA Woodbridge (my store), the feast is being served from 6pm until 8pm, but at IKEA College Park it will be from 7pm until 10pm. Both require advance purchase of tickets for the event as seating is limited! Check your IKEA store’s restaurant page for details!


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