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KIVIK – Modular Living Room Furniture

Posted on July 27, 2010 at 1:05 pm
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A new for 2011 sectional living room set consisting of a two-seat loveseat, a sofa / sofabed, an armless chaise, an armless seat, and a storage footstool, the KIVIK line represents a fully modular set of living room furniture. From IKEA,

KIVIK is a quality sofa that adjusts it’s form to fit you. Seat cushions with a top layer of memory foam follow the exact contours of your body. When you’re done relaxing, it will regain its even surface after use. The low and wide armrests are removable, making it easy to expand the sofa with one or more chaises, and the sofa-bed has a discreetly hidden storage area in the armrests. The armrests are also well padded and support your neck when stretching out on the sofa. It is constructed of a strong frame and the covers have strong seams and a snug fit resulting in a sofa you can enjoy for many years to come.

Read on to for more on what’s new in IKEA Living Room furniture for 2011.

Component Pricing for Modular Furniture

You buy the frames you want and your choice of covers determines the overall price. For instance, the armless chaise frame is $260 naked. Add a BLEKINGE White cover, and the total price for the chaise and cover is $299. Change your cover to the TRANÅS Light Brown and the price goes up to $379. This means that you can buy the furniture that you want now, and upgrade your covers later if you like! You could even buy a second set of covers to change your look seasonally, or if you move house.

KIVIK Sofa Bed

The KIVIK sofabed is easy to open and prepare for a night’s sleep – we did it in the IKEA Brooklyn showroom! It was as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s the sofa fully setup:

IKEA KIVIK Sofabed Modular Furniture 2011 IKEA Catalog

We pulled the front ‘toekick’ of the sofa out to reveal the bed slats for the sofabed.

IKEA KIVIK Sofabed Modular Furniture 2011 IKEA Catalog

We removed the back cushion and flipped the bottom cushions over to provide the ‘mattress’ for the sofabed. The only thing we didn’t get a picture of was popping open the end of the armrest to get out our bedclothes (see below).

IKEA KIVIK Sofabed Modular Furniture 2011 IKEA Catalog

KIVIK Hidden Storage

IKEA KIVIK modular sectional sofa living room furniture 2011 Catalog

IKEA KIVIK Footstool Modular Furniture 2011 Catalog

One of the coolest things about the new KIVIK furniture line is the built-in storage. The armrests of the sofas and sofa-bed open on the end to allow you to store bed linens for the sleeper sofa inside. The sleeper sofa pulls out easily and tucks away inside like we showed you above. This thing is really widgeted to provide the maximum use and storage capacity. I’m loving it and wondering if I can fit it into my budget…

Also, the footstool opens to provide storage in an oft-unused space underfoot. This is an awesome way to regain some storage, and to store hard-to-store items like board games and kids toys. I think I’d use this as a quickie clean up spot and my kids would use it as a hide-and-seek spot!

KIVIK Memory Foam Cushions

The new KIVIK line of living room furniture features memory foam cushions which mold to your body providing unparalleled comfort. Memory foam also wicks heat and moisture away from you, keeping you comfortable year round. Also, because the foam resumes its original shape when you get up, your sofa will always look great!

KIVIK Removable Covers

TRANÅS Light brown and TRANÅS Black covers are made of a blend of cotton/viscose/rayon and polyester and are removable and can be dry-cleaned.

The TENÖ light blue-gray cover is a blend of synthetic and cotton fibers as well as some wool and should be dry-cleaned.

INGEBO dark blue, INGEBO light beige, INGEBO bright red, BLEKINGE White are 100% cotton covers and are removable and washable. Take care when washing to do so in cold water and do not put in the dryer!

I’ve also seen TULLINGE Rust (shown at top of this article) and TULLINGE Grey-Brown covers, but I’m not certain those will be available in the US market as they are not listed in the 2011 IKEA US catalog.


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31 Responses to “KIVIK – Modular Living Room Furniture”

  1. Kelly says:

    Is this sofa available now in 2010 or do I have to wait until 2011 to purchase it?

  2. Susan says:

    Depending on where you are, this should be in stores beginning now through August. I saw it in Brooklyn (wow!) nearly two weeks ago now, and I know it’s being brought in to showrooms around the country. FYI, IKEA puts out their next annual catalog each year in August, so the 2011 catalog is coming out now, but products will be arriving in stores in 2010 (generally things in the catalog show up from August through October), and new products not pictured in the catalog will continue to show up throughout the year.

    I also sat on this couch, and it’s COMFY!


  3. DulcineaK says:

    This sofa is SOOOO comfy. I don’t know if I can get the chaise with the sofabed option so I’ll likely get the Manstad, but oh boy that is a tough decision! This thing is so freaking comfortable.

  4. knock out says:

    where can you find the TULLINGE colors? They are not even listed in Denmark, UK, Sweden or Australia, what market are those for? Also, can you share the instruction manual and the packaging configuration. I can’t fit a 90″ sofa through my door, but it looks like it comes in two boxes, can you verify? thanks!

  5. D. Nelson says:

    We in Orlando FL have had it for a couple of months now. It seems they only get about 3 sofas at a time. Prior to the catalog release it’s constantly sold out. We strangely also had floor models available in As-Is. I love the sofa and chaise. I found the Sofa-bed to be stiff, much like the Manstad, since the seat cushions have to do double duty as a mattress unfolded. THe TENO is soo beautiful, not itchy at all and looks much more expensive, given that it’s taken care of.

  6. Elizabeth R. says:

    Am I the only one who can’t stand the way IKEA couch cushions project off the front of the sofa? I want cushions that line up flush with the frame, not that hang off as if a bunch of people lounged around watching a movie all night. Plus the wide, flat arms look like Hell. The KIVIK chaise feels great (fabric and innards), which is NOT a given for IKEA, but the poking-out front cushions ruin the look. And they can’t be moved back. What the heck are they thinking?

  7. AC says:

    The “Tullinge” colors have been added to the ikea website, but they don’t seem to be in stock *anywhere*, and there are no swatches at my store. Susan (or anybody who’s seen the stuff), what’s the tullinge material like? Thanks!

  8. greg Brwon says:

    I bought a Kivik Love Seat and you were out of the cover I wanted. Will you get more or can you help me get one of these covers?

    I was disapointed when i found out I brought the wrong one home.

    Looking for (Kivik CVR LVST Tranas LBRN US # 70193694)

  9. Susan says:

    Hi there – IKEAFANS isn’t actually affiliated with IKEA in any way. We’re just a fan site, so we don’t have any idea about or control over their stock. Good luck getting what you need!


  10. Alex says:

    It seems that only the sofa bed has the armrests with built-in storage. However, Kivik line features removable armrests. Has anyone tried to fit the armrests with storage to the sofa and/or loveseat? Is this even possible?

  11. Ami says:

    Does anyone have any details on the covers? For the loveseat, do you get separate cushion and non-cushion covers? I have a crate & barrel sectional that is similar in size so I’m wondering if I could purchase these covers and use them on my sectional.

    Any info is appreciated.


  12. xxdiddiexx says:

    Finding Tullinge Covers for this sofa, is like finding a needle in a haystack. Constantly sold out at all stores in London.

    Has this item been discontinued or what?

    I need the Tullinge grey_brown cover for a chaise lounge. Not seen it for months!!!!!! Grrrr. If anyone knows if this has been discontinued please let me know, so I can stop checking the IKEA website everyday.

  13. xxdiddiexx says:

    Has this item been discontinued or what?

    I need the Tullinge grey_brown cover for a chaise lounge. Not seen it for months!!!!!! Grrrr. If anyone knows if this has been discontinued please let me know, so I can stop checking the IKEA website everyday. Finding Tullinge Covers for this sofa, is like finding a needle in a haystack. Constantly sold out at all stores in London.

  14. xxdiddiexx says:

    Cant find the Tullinge Grey Brown love seat in stock anywhere in London.
    has it been discontinued?

  15. Raul says:

    does anyone know what happens if you do put one of the cotton slipcovers in the dryer for tumble dry?? we just purchased an “as-is” kivik with the ingebo bright red cover and would very much like to get it washed. will take it to get dry cleaned but nothing says clean like your own washer/dryer!

  16. Thomas says:

    I am thinking about purchasing the Kivik sectional. On my computer, the Tino light gray reads a taupeish grey color (not light gray). Can anyone tell me how this looks in person?

  17. Frank says:

    Why they dont make a kivic sectional with bed appliance, that could be a Nice Idea. I want sofa like the Manstad (But the colors are terrible) so the Kivik was a good idea (In Teno Light gray) . The problem is if i want the sectional KIVIK with bed appliance, it doesnt exists, the option is not availble. To the guy asked about Teno Light gray===> Looks great.

    Recomendation to IKEA. Manstad is a great idea, dont kill it with ugly colors.

  18. Pat says:

    We just bought the Kivik sofa with Tranas Lt. Brown cover. Loved the way it went together and the fabric, which is a heavy corduroy fits like a glove.
    I would love to be able to have an armchair.

    Too bad the arms aren’t available separate to attach to an armless chair. That would be a great option.

  19. Julie says:

    Hi there. Just to give an update on the Tullinge series, the demand ended up bieng much more than the supply. They are ramping up their production and should be back in stock in a few weeks. Also with the living room event that just happened a little while ago, the Tullinge was the first to sell out. Hope that helps. Cheers.(I work for Ikea in sofas/wallunits)

  20. Susan says:

    Thank you for the update! Can you comment on which covers are currently available and when you think the TULLINGE will be back in stock? Or, maybe just update us again when they ARE back in stock? Thanks!

  21. sues mum says:

    Just finished assembling the Kivik sofa-bed but the front kick panel is lower than the arms so they don’t line up. Tried fixing it on both ways up. Could it be a product fault? Also when sitting down on the sofa, there is a horrible clanking noise which sounds like the metal bed frames knocking each other. Has anyone else had these problems?

    Grateful for any comments

  22. djay says:

    New Chaise

    I just bought 2 Kivik Chaise lounges (rust colored). Just wanted to share and let everyone know that it says that you can’t wash polypropylene, but when you research the material you most certainly can. I did. All you have to do is wash them cold on a delicate or hand-wash cycle using a gentle Eco laundry soap and hang it up to dry. Definitely don’t iron or put in the dryer or use harsh detergent Chemicals & heat effect this type of material. I think it must be a (cover your butt policy) hope this eases the minds of those concerned. Peace and happy lounging…:)

  23. Amber says:

    I would love to purchase the Kivik Loveseat and chaise combination in Tullinge Gray-Brown but the store doesn’t know when it will be in stock again. Is this sofa and the Tullinge fabric as nice as it seemed when I visited it at the store last week? Is it worth the wait? The fabric seemed really nice in the store. How does it hold up with wear?

  24. Tini79 says:


    does anyone has experience with the sofabed? I tried it out for 10 minutes at IKEA and it seemed that the side where the sofa-back is, is fine, though the side where you lie on the flipped pillows, there is a real gap between the 2 pillows that build the matress. Any comments-suggestions on this??

  25. Jamie says:

    I’ve been waiting for the Gray-Brown since December. Ikea told us 3 different dates for anticipated stock availability – all of which came and gone. We ended up getting the sofa / chaise combination in a different color just so we had something to sit on. And when the gray-brown become available, we would just purchase that slip cover. Just an idea if you did not want to wait.

  26. Shannon says:

    The Tullinge Gray-Brown cover is still out of stock due to the high demand. Ikea buys the fabric from 1 provider, then it’s shipped to another to make the covers and then it’s sent to Ikea… Unfortunately, Ikea has NO idea when they’re going to come in. It hasn’t been discontinued, they’ve just removed the fabric option from the show room because they’re trying to catch back up on the demand. I hope this helps!

    Side bar: We bought the Kivik love seat and chase addition yesterday in the Dark Blue (it actually looks like a Slate color in real life) and we’ll be putting it together when it’s delivered this afternoon. Any idea how difficult it is to put it together? Is it a 1-person job?

  27. Terry says:

    There is a possiblitiy that if you look at the stores in Ontario Canada the Etobicoke had the Grey-Brown covers. I bought the frames from the store here at home in Vancouver BC and since I was going to be on business in Toronto within the week I decided to order them and have the delivered to my office there. It was delivered and I brought them home and VOILA it looks great. For some reason they will not ship out of province so this is the reason for me getting them delivered to a place there.
    If you find them in an out of province place and you know people there have them pick it up and have them ship it to you. In the end the delivery charge to my office would have been just a little cheaper if it was sent to me by FED EX or Purolator.

    Happy Hunting!!

  28. Melina says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all the helpful reviews. I am in the process of looking for new furniture for my family room and I love this furniture because I can make it as long or short as I want. How is the furniture holding up after having for a while? If anyone has kids how did you deal with spills? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

  29. Hilary says:

    Hi :)
    I really want to buy the Kivik sofa in Teno light grey but I’m debating between the regular sofa and the sofa bed. I have a few questions I’m wondering if someone can answer for me…
    1) does the sofa bed feel more firm than the regular sofa when sitting on it as a sofa (not set up as a bed)?
    2) is the bed comfortable to sleep on?
    3) is the Teno fabric scratchy?


  30. Wayne says:

    New MÅNSTAD design coming August 2011.

    The new model is MÅNSTAD crn sb+stor (art# 901-989-78, $799.00 CDN). The chaise on the new unit can be placed to the left or right of the sofa.

    I suspect they will also address the fabric fading issue.

    Can’t wait!

  31. Kim says:

    I visited IKEA in Orlando yesterday looking for both the MANSTAD chaise SB and the KIVIK sofa bed. Honestly, the one one display in the showroom for the MANSTAD was pretty bad. It was hard and not something I would enjoy sitting on during the day and was just lacking in appearance overall. The KIVIK was very sleek and comfy, but the store did not have a SB model for us to look at, so we ended up purchasing neither of these items.

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