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Posted on August 20, 2009 at 7:27 pm
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missing-ikea-teddy-bearTeddy bears are the quintessential baby gift. Add in a blankie and a pair of booties and who needs anything else?  Noone.  And believe me, NOONE will understand like you do that NOTHING ELSE will suffice when your little one loses his or her favorite teddy bear. You’ll wish you had a spare, or even that you could birth one – whatEVER it takes to soothe the little lost soul.

ikea-teddy-bearsHere are just a few of the desperate pleas we’ve seen and heard about the loss of an IKEA teddie:

We are trying to track down at least the item number for an IKEA teddy from 2005 – A 3-year old who lost her favourite bear – who was bought when she was born – desperately needs your help!!

My son lost his Ikea BLUND Teddy Bear named “BOGO” and we are desparate to get another one for him. BOGO’s twin brother, PEZ really misses him. My son cried every night.

He cried for days and an substitute bears just weren’t the same. I found a replacement bear on ebay. It cost me dearly – it came all the way from Germany but was worth every penny.

My little boy lost his Blund when he left it in the pocket of a plane. He had been with ‘Milkshake’ since he was a baby and for me he was like my third son. I’m gutted at the loss and often think of where he is now and I like to think that he found a new home. But sadly it is more probable that he is now landfill.

Seems more than a few kids have lost their favorite IKEA teddies – whether it be the classic BLUND or the more recent FABLAR BJORN bear, we get lots of notes from people asking if we can identify a stuffed bear from a description (answer: yes, we can), if we have a stockpile of toy bears (sadly, no but eBay usually does) or if we can force the wayward bear to come home (no, we can’t -we’ve tried).  There is no underground railroad for teddy bears.  Sorry.

Try searching eBay for your baby’s bear:

IKEA Blund Teddy Bears on eBay


IKEA Teddy Bears on eBay

Good luck, and tell us your stories of losing, finding or otherwise mourning an IKEA teddy bear!


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