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Posted on August 20, 2009 at 7:27 pm
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missing-ikea-teddy-bearTeddy bears are the quintessential baby gift. Add in a blankie and a pair of booties and who needs anything else?  Noone.  And believe me, NOONE will understand like you do that NOTHING ELSE will suffice when your little one loses his or her favorite teddy bear. You’ll wish you had a spare, or even that you could birth one – whatEVER it takes to soothe the little lost soul.

ikea-teddy-bearsHere are just a few of the desperate pleas we’ve seen and heard about the loss of an IKEA teddie:

We are trying to track down at least the item number for an IKEA teddy from 2005 – A 3-year old who lost her favourite bear – who was bought when she was born – desperately needs your help!!

My son lost his Ikea BLUND Teddy Bear named “BOGO” and we are desparate to get another one for him. BOGO’s twin brother, PEZ really misses him. My son cried every night.

He cried for days and an substitute bears just weren’t the same. I found a replacement bear on ebay. It cost me dearly – it came all the way from Germany but was worth every penny.

My little boy lost his Blund when he left it in the pocket of a plane. He had been with ‘Milkshake’ since he was a baby and for me he was like my third son. I’m gutted at the loss and often think of where he is now and I like to think that he found a new home. But sadly it is more probable that he is now landfill.

Seems more than a few kids have lost their favorite IKEA teddies – whether it be the classic BLUND or the more recent FABLAR BJORN bear, we get lots of notes from people asking if we can identify a stuffed bear from a description (answer: yes, we can), if we have a stockpile of toy bears (sadly, no but eBay usually does) or if we can force the wayward bear to come home (no, we can’t -we’ve tried).  There is no underground railroad for teddy bears.  Sorry.

Try searching eBay for your baby’s bear:

IKEA Blund Teddy Bears on eBay


IKEA Teddy Bears on eBay

Good luck, and tell us your stories of losing, finding or otherwise mourning an IKEA teddy bear!


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11 Responses to “MISSING: IKEA Teddy Bears”

  1. Hannah says:


    My 8yr old autistic
    son was given a lemon coloured teddy bear with a pink nose, green trousers and a light blue top when he was born. He has several other teddies but none compare to “Green Teddy” who was sadly lost just over a year ago. We have looked everywhere for him or a “twin” but cannot find one anywhere. I would pay almost any amount to get him back for my son as I know what he means to him – he ustill cries for him now and it breaks my heart.

    If anyone can help with this both my son and I would be extremely greatful.

    Even the pattern for him so I can get another one made – ANYTHING!!!

    Many thanks


  2. Susan says:

    Hi Hannah – I’m sorry to hear about your son’s loss! What a terrible thing.

    If I’m seeing it correctly, I think that the bear you’re looking for is pictured on the top bunk of a bed on page 264 in the 2002 IKEA Catalog. I’m going to try to get it scanned so you can confirm. If I’m correct, the name you’re looking for is DJUNGELORM which was a sort of generic name for IKEA Soft Toys in that year, but it will help you to narrow down results when you go searching. I would set up a search alert on eBay and keep your eyes open on Craigslist and the like.

    Here’s the scanned page in .pdf format – Click to download:

    Hope that helps!


  3. Check out our resident photos, we may have what you’re looking for at the teddy bear shelter.

  4. paula says:

    I can’t believe how popular this bear is!! I don’t have any children, but my 11 y/o dog has had his “baby” BLUND bear most of his life. He is soooo attached to it and takes it bed w/him every night (dog people will understand this). Our new puppy “killed” the BLUND bear tonight! Thank God that I was smart and tucked an extra away in the closed all those yrs ago! After this one, I don’t know what we’ll do!

    Anyway, for those who asked…the IKEA # on the tag is 800.373.73 17596 (under the bar code). I hope this is helpful.


  5. Karen says:


    So sorry to hear of this, the bear you are describing is an Ikea ‘Kramig’ bear (it has Kramig on the label, and is not like the current Ikea Kramigs). I know this because he was the bear that my 9 year old son chose for himself, just picked him up as we were going round Ikea, when he was about a year old. He was really cheap, so I bought it, and they have been inseparable ever since. Kramig is now falling apart, and I have been trying to find one for ages for when the inevitable happens, with no luck. How horrible for you to have lost him. I hope knowing the name helps in your search

    Karen xx

  6. Hannah says:

    Hi guys thank you for all of your help and suggestions. I am still desperately seeking Green Teddy as my son, now 10 years old, still misses him terribly and talks about him all of the time. Any further advice or suggestions would be most greatfully received.

    Many thanks,


  7. Nisa says:

    I first bought BLUND about 6 years ago for my eldest daughter. She grew so attached to it and we brought it everywhere. One day she left it in the daycare centre that she goes to. That night, she didn’t sleep a wink and the following day, we searched high and low to find it but couldn’t. I resorted to buying a new teddy from Mothercare but it’s just not the same. A few days later, I saw another girl from the daycare carrying a BLUND bear. As far as I know, she doesn’t bring any toys to school and so I didn’t want to approach her or her mom, in case I might seem to accuse them of picking up the misplaced bear. That same evening, I went to IKEA and bought 3 BLUND bears – I gave her one and said oh, I found your Bear-bear. The other two I kept as spares. After six years though, they are falling apart, face crumpled, arms lost their fillings, etc. My daughter is still equally attached to her toy and will start crying if she can’t find him. She still needs it, in order to fall asleep. I am wondering if any of you know where I can find these again.

  8. Becky says:

    Hi just wondered if anyone could help around 4yrs ago a friend bought my daughter a beige bunny with an orange carrot attatch to it it also had a green and white checked all inone on ( from ikea )she carried it everyday for the last 3 1/2 yrs however on a recent holiday it got misplaced and lost to which i now have a very sad 4yr old just wondered if anyone knew of any place or if anyone has one that i could buy as unfortunatly we have no back up bunny bear as she like to call him would be really greatfull for any help many thanks …

  9. Eva says:

    I’ve seen the FABLAR BJORN in both Paris at Le Bon Marche (October 2012), as well as in Hong Kong at Sogo in Causeway Bay in the toy section (October 2013). In case anyone is looking. They were brand new.

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