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Mobile Augmented Reality Application for IKEA PS Range

Posted on October 19, 2009 at 12:58 am
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ikea-augmented-reality-iphone-animation1File this one under, How’d I Miss That? Apparently, earlier this year, IKEA launched an augmented reality application – sort of like a portable planner for interiors, but with your own home as the background. Augmented reality (AR) merges real-world data with computer-generated data to present a composite view on your mobile device’s screen.  Not sure into which market this was launched, but I’m asking questions – believe me!

ikea-ps-svarva-floor-lampThis first foray into AR is limited to the IKEA PS range – sensible because A. The range is limited in size and B. Some of the PS line is way far out bizarro, so being able to picture it in your home is of great use. Can you imagine how cool it would be to instantly picture what an IKEA furniture item would look like in your home?


The application is intentionally simple.  Limited features makes it easy to use and quicker to iterate for the developers as well.  Here’s how it works:

  • The application stores images of the items in the IKEA PS range – customers can select a picture from the range, then click Take a Picture.
  • The cameraphone is then focused on the part of the room in which you wish to place the item of furniture. You will be able to see the item from the IKEA PS range floating in front of your view of your room on your cameraphone display. You can also scale the furniture to fit the room.
  • When you’ve achieved design zen, use the camera to take the picture.  You can then save the picture or send it using MMS directly within the application.  Awesome!

Ogilvy and Mindmatic were instrumental in helping IKEA to develop this mobile web interior home planning tool.  IKEA made the IKEA PS application available in a number of different ways -through posters in stores, through Bluetooth pillars located in stores and through the web (though I don’t recall ever seeing a link anywhere … anyone?).

We’d like to see more of the IKEA range available in this mobile interior room planner, IKEA!

Augmented Reality Case Study

Here’s an interesting case study by 2 students, Nick Sjöström and Robin Westergren for how augmented reality could be integrated with the IKEA catalog and website, as well as social media applications. My.IKEA can be used to envision IKEA furniture in your own room using a webcam and paper ‘markers’ which would be available in store, in the catalog or printed off the web.  This one is just a concept, but a great one!


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