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More IKEA 3D Models Available for Google Sketchup

Posted on January 8, 2009 at 12:51 pm
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What timing -today is the day of the 3D models! Mac users and IKEA Home Planner discontents rejoice!  IKEAFANS member Albertsok has just completed a collection of IKEA Akurum 3D models for Google Sketchup that are available in the Google Sketchup Warehouse. You can read more about his efforts (and thank him!) in his post, New Sketchup Akurum Cabinet Models with Precise Dimensions, in the forums. For other IKEA 3D furniture models, see the post: 3D IKEA furniture for use in AutoCAD, Google SketchUp. Read zeuss’ awesome tutorial on using Google Sketchup to plan your IKEA Kitchen here: Sketch-Up: A quick and easy lesson and Turnip’s thread: Mac Users: Tips for using SketchUp to create plans.


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4 Responses to “More IKEA 3D Models Available for Google Sketchup”

  1. ecomod says:

    I was thinking I was in this post when I left a comment about Polantis! Whoops! Anyway, this is such a huge time saver, and now I won’t have to use my old models to approximate.

    Many thanks, Albertsok.

  2. Tom says:

    There is also a whole bunch of accurate Ikea furniture available here:

    Hope this helps someone..

  3. albertsok says:

    I’ve just added a collection of all the available drawer and door fronts for the Faktum line to my 3D Warehouse collection of Ikea Faktum cabinets:

  4. Roux says:

    I wanted to say Thank YOU to Albert. Good work! I am separating them all to be used in another program and THAT seems like a daunting task to me. I really would not even attempt it if you hadn’t done all the laying of the foundation. Thanks a lot!


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