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New for IKEA Kitchen Appliances in 2011

Posted on January 12, 2011 at 2:00 pm
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IKEA FRAMTID Double Wall Oven Stainless 2011 CatalogNew for 2011 in IKEA Appliances

Complete IKEA 2011 Appliances Guide uploaded and now available!

Check out all the details in the Brochures section of the IKEAPEDIA.

Along with introducing induction cooking (for less than $1000) to the US market, IKEA is bringing glass ceramic cooktops to market for under $600 as well as a DATID convection built-in wall oven in stainless for only $799. We’re also going to see new products in the FRAMTID line, including built-in microwave ovens to match the wall ovens and some new Pro offerings in the DATID line.

Most of the new offerings are in the cooking range.  According to Patrik Rosen, head of IKEA Kitchens in the US, there are no new refrigerators slated for 2011 and the slimline Euro-style refrigerators we’ve all been hoping for are not on the horizon. Also, dishwasher drawers are not going to happen in the US anytime soon much to my dismay. To see more of Patrik’s forecast for 2011 in IKEA Kitchens, see our EXCLUSIVE Video: What’s New in IKEA Kitchens in 2011?

I’ve also heard from another  little IKEA bird (you know who you are – thanks!) that there will be garbage disposers available, but so far I’ve not seen any photos of waste disposals. What I do know is that the pricepoints will be $69.99, $89.99 and $129.99. I’ve heard the range name is RANSBY, but I’m not certain as that name is the name of a chair/bench lineup in Austria... Let me know if you have any information to share!

Read on for all the latest news on IKEA appliances for the 2011 IKEA catalog year…

IKEA NUTID Electric Induction Cooktop for $999

IKEA NUTID Electric Induction Cooktop 2011 Catalog

Used to be that to get that high-heat like from commercial ranges, you had to buy a high-end rangetop like Viking, Thermador or Bosch for $2500 and up. Then along came induction and GE and Electrolux entered the game at a lower pricepoint of about $1500. IKEA is lagging a bit on this side of the pond, but we’re thrilled to announce that the long-awaited IKEA Induction Cooktop, in the  NUTID range, is arriving in US stores with the launch of the new 2011 IKEA catalog on or about August 2nd, 2010 (Houston area IKEA customers received theirs in their Sunday papers yesterday!).  Learn more about Induction Cooking.
IKEA’s new for 2011 induction cooking rangetop will be priced at $999 and is available in black. It will fit in a 36″ wide cabinet and you’ll even be able to install drawers directly underneath it! Here’s the specs:

NUTID Induction Cooktop: $999 W30 3⁄8×W21 1⁄4×H2 1⁄2″. Available in Black. Article Number: 501.826.20

Electric Induction in the Marketplace

Our marketplace allows you to browse the wide range of appliances and compare models of kitchen appliances and make the best choice for your kitchen remodel. Although we think the IKEA NUTID (made by Whirlpool) is the best bang for the buck, here’s a way to compare with similar electric induction cooktops on the market:

Not sure about induction cooking? Try out a single burner induction cooktop for less than $162.

NUTID Glass Ceramic Electric Cooktop

IKEA NUTID Glass Ceramic Cooktop 2011 Catalog

The NUTID ceramic cooktop is priced at only $599 and will be available in both white and black. Here are the specs:

NUTID Glass Ceramic Cooktop in Black: $599 W303⁄8×D211⁄4×H3″. Black 101.826.17

NUTID Glass Ceramic Cooktop in White: $599 W303⁄8×D211⁄4×H3″. White 701.826.19

LAGAN Range with Ceramic Cooktop

Speaking of ceramic cooktops, the inexpensive LAGAN line is getting a new 30″ glass cooktop range for only $269! Specs:

LAGAN White Freestanding Range: $269 W29 7⁄8×D27 1⁄2×H46 7⁄8″. White 901.822.51

IKEA LAGAN Range with Ceramic Cooktop 2011 Catalog

FRAMTID Cooking Range

In addition to introducing the NUTID induction cooktop, and new ceramic cooktops in the NUTID line, IKEA is rounding out the FRAMTID cooking range by introducing a 30″ oven in black for $849 (stainless for $899) and a 30″ double oven in stainless for $1499. Specs:

FRAMTID Double Wall Oven: $1499 W293⁄4×D251⁄8×H51″. Stainless steel 301.822.06

FRAMTID Wall Oven in Black: $849 W29 3⁄4×25 1⁄8×H29″. Black 901.822.08

FRAMTID Wall Oven in Stainless: $899 W29 3⁄4×D25 1⁄8×H29″. Stainless steel 701.822.09

IKEA FRAMTID Wall Oven 2011 CatalogIKEA FRAMTID Double Wall Oven 2011 Catalog

Also new is the FRAMTID built-in microwave in black and stainless for $599 (black) and $649 (stainless). Specs:

FRAMTID Built-In Microwave Wall Oven in Black: $599 W23 3⁄4–29 3⁄4″. Black 701.825.63

FRAMTID Built-In Microwave Wall Oven in Stainless: $649 W23 3⁄4–29 3⁄4″. Stainless steel 501.825.64

IKEA FRAMTID Built-In Microwave Oven 2011 Catalog

DÅTID Cooking Range

IKEA FRAMTID Built-In Microwave Oven 2011 CatalogPro ranges with gas cooktops are not new to IKEA US – the PRAKTFULL Pro A50 has been available for a couple years in stainless for $1949 (901.151.34), but this year, IKEA is introducing the 36″ DATID Pro D51 in ‘Anthracite’ (which I imagine to be a slate gray, nearing black) for only $1749.

Also new is a DATID Wall Oven with Convection in stainless for $799. Beauty! Now we’re just lusting for warming drawers…

IKEA DATID Built-In Wall Oven Convection 2011 Catalog


DATID Pro D51 Gas Range in Anthracite: $1749 W35 3⁄8×D23 5⁄8×H37 3⁄4″. Anthracite 701.822.71

DATID Convection Oven in Stainless: $799 W293⁄4×D251⁄8×H29″. Stainless steel 501.822.05

It’s looking like my delay in remodeling my kitchen is going to pay off afterall! What are you most excited about in this year’s appliance offering?

IKEA Appliances on Sale

Like many retail establishments, when new products come in, old ones have to go to make room. Last week, at IKEA Brooklyn, we saw outrageous prices on some of the MUMSIG wall ovens and other built-in ovens that were on sale. Below are pictures of a few sale tags that we saw. Check your local IKEA for availability, and don’t forget to look in the AS-IS room!


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