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PAX Komplement Drawers Complement Akurum Pantry Cabinet

Posted on February 9, 2009 at 11:43 am
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Wow – what a genius idea!  Can’t say enough about this fantabulous mod for an Akurum pantry cabinet using PAX Komplement wood pull-out drawers. IKEAFANS member JsN tells about her mod in the Modifications forum

Some time ago we remodeled our kitchen using Akurum/Adel in birch. We put in one of the high cabinets with shelves and 2 drawers (30×88x24) to use as a pantry. Overall I love it, but found that due to the depth, it was a bit of a pain to have to go diggin into it to find a can of this or that. So from almost day 1 I’ve wanted pull-out shelves. We’ve made many trips to our local Ikea in hopes of seeing something like this but never did. On a recent trip we happened through the closet section and I noticed the Komplement pullout drawers and baskets. After checking width I found that they have a 29.5″ size, which I thought might fit. They also had these on sales for $12 at that time so I picked up four of them along with one of the wire baskets of the same size and headed home.

Much to my disappointment they were naturally .5″ too short. I remedied that with a quick trip to HD to pick up a box of 100 1/4″ SAE washers and some longer screws. I don’t recall the exact size, but if you take the included screws with you, you can easily find a near perfect match that is twice the length. I used 7 washers total, three one one side, four on the other and I have to say we LOVE the result. The pantry is so much better organized and easier to use. We literally have 4x the usable space that we had previously and it’s so easy to find anything you’re looking for!

I assume you could use these in any similarly sized cabinets using the same amount of washers. Anyway, I hope someone else finds this useful. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Love the site!

What a way to organize those pantry cabinets! Excellent use of space and cheaper to boot! Congrats on a well-done mod, JsN!

Get more details and ask questions about this modification in the forum thread: Using komplement pull out drawers in akurum kitchen cabinets


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