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Creative Craftroom for Less Than $2K (in less than one week!)

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 by Susan

ikea-craft-scrapbooking-room-6How do you create a functional craftroom with five workstations in a 162 square foot space for $2000 in just one week? With IKEA components, that’s how!

A self-described “all around craft gal,” Teresa needed to make space to create scrapbook pages and rubber stamp cards as well as paint and do some needlepoint. She’s also got a computer station set up in her craftroom in a spare bedroom on the second floor in her home.

Says Teresa of her new crafting space:

I really needed a space dedicated for my crafts that would not disrupt our home office or other areas of our home.  The budget was $2000…but I did go a little over with some of the accessories.  I really wanted it to look complete when it was all done!

Find out what Teresa used to get this look and see more pictures of this fabulous scrapbooking and crafting room after the jump!

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IKEA Sewing Room – Fabulous!

Thursday, May 14th, 2009 by Tigratrus


Oh, how I’ve always wanted to put this cabinet to good use!  But any use I could put it to wouldn’t be as good as the use that athomesewing has put it to.  Check out her thread, My IKEA Sewing Room, for all the details.  It’s an amazing room for all you crafters and sewing chicks (and roosters?) out there.  

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