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IKEA Gift Card Scam on Facebook

Saturday, March 20th, 2010 by Susan



IKEA Gift Card Giveaway scams have hit the mega monster social networking site Facebook. Promising $1000 gift cards to the first ‘X’ number of fans, multiple scam applications on Facebook have cropped up (and been shut down, albeit slowly) by Facebook, but many of our dear IKEA Fans have been duped into providing their personal information to these scammers. The applications, which are using IKEA’s famous yellow and blue color scheme and IKEA’s logo, promise $1000 IKEA Gift Cards to the first 10,o00 fans but the whole thing is bogus – even the comments box on the page is bogus!

Do NOT register on these applications – these are not from IKEA, nor are they legitimate opportunities. Get all the details, and learn how these scams raced throughout another mega social networking site last year, after the jump…

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