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Two Awesome Bathrooms in NEXUS Birch

Posted on January 20, 2011 at 1:23 pm
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The amazing thing about both of the bathrooms featured here is that the cabinets featured are from the Kitchen line, AKURUM. Kitchen cabinets are more flexible, offer more features, and higher quality. The taller height can actually be a benefit in the bathroom, although there are some pitfalls to watch out for. Find out how two members adapted kitchen cabinets for use in the bathroom, after the jump!

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Vessel Sinks

Says member Pippa, whose bathroom is pictured above,

“Kitchen cabinets are of much better quality, giving you way more usable space and interior possibilities. … They are higher than standard bath vanities, which is more comfortable, but might pose some problems if you want to use vessel sinks, since they add even more height. We used semi-recessed vessels to reach the perfect height for us. Also we did not use standard cabinet legs, but mounted them quite a bit lower on double two by fours, just to give toe space. … A deeper cabinet is really an advantage, giving you more counter space and in case of vessel sinks, making them look less crowded.

Read all the details and see additional pictures in the forum thread: Kitchen Cabinets in the Bathroom

Split Level Floating Vanity in NEXUS Birch

This NEXUS Birch bathroom was created by patcat, who had these comments:

Get all the details in the forum thread: The cabinets are a 30″ refrigerator wall cabinet and an 18″ 4 drawer base, mounted on a mounting strip and also into the right wall– no legs. The top is … recycled auto glass in aqua and charcoal gray in a white base. The lighting fixture is a Glimt chandelier, mounted about 3″ from the wall in the ceiling.

More pictures here: Floating Vanity of Kitchen Cabinets, Vessel Sink and GLIMT Fixture


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5 Responses to “Two Awesome Bathrooms in NEXUS Birch”

  1. babaskitchen says:

    Looks great!!

  2. happiness says:

    Is there anyway to cut the drawers & slides on a 30″ four drawer base cabinet? I want to cut the depth to 21″ as this is for a sink vanity. I need about 9″ behind the draws for the plumbing. It looks like the drawers are lower than the front so could probably get away with a 15″ depth.

  3. Susan says:

    Hi there! Have you searched in the forums? That’s where the knowledge base in this community resides, for the most part. Post a question there, and most likely you’ll have more than a few opinions in a few hours. Good luck!

  4. queenofbavaria says:

    looks GREAT ! We did the same thing 15 years a ago back in Germany and put a colorblock ‘hundertwasser’ counter top and white sinks on top. Man, that looked stunning !

    I really liked the comfortable height. We just bought a house with an ok bathroom, but to expensive to be thrown out … but when I see this bathroom, I might destroy the current one ‘by accident’ ;).

    Great work. like the silver with the wood a lot.

  5. yl says:

    What is the height, depth and width of the larger kitchen cabinets used? I want to use the kitchen cabinets in the bathroom i am remodeling however it doesnt seem to be deep enough. It’s 30 in width but only 12 inches in depth…

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