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Home Wanted: Real-life Models for IKEA Photo Shoot

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Wanted: Real-life Models for IKEA Photo Shoot

Posted on September 5, 2012 at 10:00 am
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IKEA Photo Shoot - Models Wanted!
Ever wondered why IKEA’s catalog photos and advertisements look like…well, real-life? Well, for one thing, their models are not so much models as they are real people. Attractive people no doubt, but they’re not your average high-priced models with perfect bodies, skin, teeth and hair. Bless the picture-perfect models one and all, but they don’t really speak to the Average Consumer, now do they?

Ever wanted to live in one of those IKEA catalog pictures? Or better yet, do you feel like your home could BE an IKEA photo set? Well, if you’re an actual real-life person, and you have an actual real-life IKEA-filled home, you may just get your shot at being an IKEA model! Read on to find out the specifics of how you can be in on the next IKEA photo shoot…

IKEA Seeks Real-Life Models for Photo Shoot

We got an email from Monika and Henriette at IKEA who are looking for real-life models for a photo shoot in real family homes. They’re based in Älmhult, Sweden, so around Scandinavia would be preferable, but many of the shoots have already taken place in London so travel may be a possibility.

IKEA are currently setting-up an image library consisting of pictures with children living with their families. The place is on-location and not in the studio, and not with professional models – we are looking for real models! The aim is to capture the everyday moments where there is interaction between children and their parents or siblings in their home environment.
We are now looking for two models: A pregnant young woman and a young family with toddler(s).
  1. Pregnant women: Young pregnant woman (6-9 month pregnant) who lives in a house on the countryside or in a city apartment furnished and decorated with attitude.
  2. A young family, max 30 years of age, with toddler(s) up to 4 years. The family lives in a house on the countryside or in a city apartment furnished and decorated with attitude.
It is important that the models feel at ease in front of the camera, and that they have high interest in home furnishing.
  • Photo shooting will take place early week 39 [Week of September 24th, 2012].
  • Session begins with 2 hours preparation and 6 hours shooting. Total 8 hours.
  • Present will be a small team: Photographer, Interior Designer and Project Leader.
  • Payment will be made according to IKEA standard fees.
If you are interested please send your pictures to:

If you get chosen, we want first right to see your pictures!!


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