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ikeaIKEA - it's unlike any other furniture store in the world. How did IKEA start? What's unique about IKEA stores?  Read about how a young man named Ingvar Kamprad began the largest furniture store in the world and became one of the richest men in the world.  Learn more about The IKEA Way, IKEA culture, and the unique 'automatic selling' philosophy that sets this store apart from its competitors. 

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If you're not a born IKEA fan, you might wonder what is all the fuss? why are we excited about IKEA? Read here to learn more about why we love IKEA and why there are so many IKEA Fans worldwide. Click here to learn Why IKEA?

IKEA Corporate

Read about jobs at IKEA, IKEA Food, IKEA's parent corporation and interesting corporate structure in this section about what goes on inside the big blue box. Click here for more on IKEA Corporate


IKEA History

Where and when did IKEA start?  What does IKEA stand for?  Who founded IKEA?  Find out all about the history of IKEA and the timeline of the store's development in this article. Click here to learn all about the history of IKEA.

IKEA Corporate Structure

IKEA's complicated corporate structure is believed to be designed to protect the Kamprad family from taxes and to avoid the possibility of a takeover of IKEA. Though Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, is often cited as one of the wealthiest men in the world, Kamprad does not technically own IKEA. Read on to find out all about IKEA's corporate structure.  Click here to read more about the IKEA Corporate Structure.

IKEA Food Nutritional Facts

IKEA's restaurant, cafe and bistro offer many foods to tempt your palette. Find out the calories, fat content and more of many of your favorite IKEA foods IKEA Nutritional Facts

IKEA Online

IKEA's website provides access to product information, stock availability, an online catalog and customer service through Ask Anna, IKEA's customer service web bot.  Learn about IKEA's website history and IKEA online, including IKEA's Home Shopping - IKEA Direct. Click here to read more about IKEA Online

IKEA and the Environment

Is IKEA Green? Do their corporate policies support a sustainable environment? What about their deforesting policies? Are there chemicals in their products that can harm my family or I? Read on to get the scoop! Click here to read more about IKEA and the Environment

IKEA Marketing

IKEA's advertising and marketing over the years has been award-winning. Read about IKEA marketing campaigns, advertising stunts and other fun ways IKEA reaches their loyal customers through print, television, radio, the internet and more. Click here to read more about IKEA Marketing