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Murphy Bed, meet IKEA

Posted on February 21, 2011 at 12:51 pm
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What do you do when you’re short on space in a guest room? If you want your guests to have a comfortable queen sized bed and room for other activities? A place to stash their clothing and other traveling necessities, as well as a place to slumber? You do what IKEAFANS member Jerry Starbuck did and follow Herbie’s advice*. Install a murphy bed in IKEA Pax wardrobe cabinets. Read on to see more pictures and info…

Murphy Bed Meet PAX Wardrobe

If you don’t already know, a Murphy Bed is a wall bed – the frame of which is usually stored in some sort of cabinetry that folds down from the wall. When opened, it functions as a normal sized bed with a mattress. Closed, it recedes into the wall and/or cabinetry.

Says Jerry,

We wanted our guests to have a comfortable Queen-size bed, and use the [floor] space for other activities. The solution… a Murphy Bed (folding wall bed). After a lot of research, we decided to purchase a free-standing Murphy Bed Frame. The frame features welded steel construction, simple spring mechanism, and moves independent of the cabinet. The other option, a Murphy Panel Bed, is more expensive and requires attachment to a factory-made cabinet. The frame and cabinet essentially become one mechanism.

To build our own cabinets, we turned first to IKEA furniture. The quality is very good, relatively inexpensive, and there are many accessories to choose from…

Cost of Making an IKEA Murphy Bed

As you can see, the results were fabulous, and the price can’t be beat! Jerry brought the project in for under $1700 (not including the mattress) and it took him 5-6 days of work to complete.

Jerry shares his story here: Murphy Bed with IKEA Cabinets and if you follow the link to his blog, you’ll find detailed information on the entire process as well as a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in making IKEA PAX cabinet surround for a Murphy Bed. Thanks for sharing, Jerry!

*Read all about Herbie’s original inspiration project at his blog: Herbie’s World


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