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How to Shop on Black Friday

Posted on November 21, 2011 at 12:40 pm
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The other day, we filled you in on what’s in store at IKEA for Black Friday 2011. For those of you who love shopping on Black Friday, sadly not a great deal of bargains at IKEA this weekend. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have IKEA in your plans for holiday shopping this season! Find out below how to maximize your shopping mojo by shopping IKEA in advance, how to save 15% if you’re buying living room furniture and what to pick up for the next holiday on your list…

How to Shop on Black Friday with help from IKEA

Planning your Black Friday Shopping Day

Keep track of which stores have which deals, and what store offers you’re going to prioritize with a write-on, wipe-off magnetic board. Keep your coupons and sales flyers all in one place and see your day take shape! If you don’t like the style of the LUNS magnetic board shown above, check out the SPONTAN magnetic board.

Organize your Person

Black Friday Wardrobe - What to Wear

To ensure that your hands are free and you have what you need to shop efficiently and effectively, carry a shoulder bag packed with all the items you need. Bring your iPad (loaded with the IKEA app, of course!), credit cards, a refillable bottle for water (Contigo is our favorite), and probably aspirin as well as your list, your budget, a place to keep your receipts and any shopping circulars that you may need to reference. Don’t overload this bag – this is just the essentials to get you through the day!

What NOT to Wear

IKEA Black Friday - What not to wear

We’ve been over this before. Dress sensibly for ANY trip to IKEA, and particularly for any shopping trip on Black Friday. Don’t wear high heels, sandals, open-toe shoes or slippers, people. It’s just common sense. Check the weather report before you get dressed, and if it’s going to be chilly, layer clothing so that you are able to whip off your lightweight sweater when you get in a hot and sweaty store, and pull it back on again when you dash to your car. Avoid big and bulky coats, hats and gloves – they’ll just slow you down and make it harder to slip in and out of stores.

Your Shopping Bag Wardrobe

Big Blue Bag. Need I say more? Well, maybe…

IKEA’s blue bags come in multiple sizes, the most common of which is the Big Blue Bag you’re familiar with from shopping in the store. The iconic Big Blue Bag is ideal for collecting up your bargains and stashing your shopping haul in the back of your car while you go back for more. There’s also a medium and a small size blue bag that could be very handy for shopping on Black Friday. Think kid distraction gear or hydration supplies. If you’re thinking about the ginormous blue bag with a rolling cart, well – you’re a more serious shopper than I…

Getting it Home

Temporary roof racks, twine and paper for wrapping up your purchases is all free at the exits of IKEA. With your next big purchase at IKEA, stock up on these items and keep them in your trunk for those occasions on which you’ve bought off more than you can chew. See below to find out how to do that!

Save 15% on Sofas at IKEA

Now through December 20th, you can get 15% of the sales price back on an IKEA gift card when you purchase selected EKTORP, KIVIK, TIDAFORS, and KARLSTAD seating. According to IKEA’s website,

EKTORP, KIVIK, KARLSTAD, or TIDAFORS fabric seating, or any KARLSTAD leather seating (that means any sofa, sectional, loveseat, chair, chaise, footstool, sofa-bed or any combination of these)…

Just think – you can pick up a new sofa for all those out of town relatives to hunker down on (make it one with a removable slipcover so you can wash away all those bad family memories), and pocket 15% of the purchase price to buy a Swedish smorgasbord for Thanksgiving dinner!


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