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Sneak Preview of the IKEA 2012 Summer Collection!

Posted on January 2, 2012 at 5:05 pm
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IKEA 2012 Summer Collection Sneak PreviewTake the chill off your winter days! It’s always nice in the dead of winter to be able to imagine the warm days of spring and summer, don’t  you agree? Well, you’re in luck.

Seems we have a mysterious Swedish friend who has generously shared some pictures in an IKEAFANS exclusive sneak preview of the summer collection for 2012 – so fun!

Click on through for the full link to more photos…

IKEA 2012 Summer Collection Sneak Preview

IKEA 2012 Summer Collection Sneak Preview

Thanks goes to new IKEA Fans member erikmaki from Sweden who has posted a few pictures of the new for Summer 2012 IKEA outdoor collection in his IKEA Fans blog: IKEA Summer Collection. He’s also got his own interior design blog with more pictures here: Var Dags Rum with more photos to drool over. Don’t miss Erik’s favorite, the APPLARO storage bench and wall panel (think trellis) – I really like this one as well!

Looks like you can plan on relaxing days outside this summer – deck furniture just got affordable! Thanks for sharing, Erik!



2 Responses to “Sneak Preview of the IKEA 2012 Summer Collection!”

  1. ted says:

    Love the black and red rocking chairs. They’re designed by Nike Karlsson,
    who designed the wonderful PS Saga chairs for the 09 Ikea PS collection.

  2. lepidoptery says:

    Hm… thought I’d be clever and see what “new” and “outdoor” items the Australian ikea website had… some limited outdoor offerings and the same “new” items on the USA website (that’s been featured for weeks already). Wonder if there’s a glut of new products oncoming?

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