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True Love, IKEA Geek Style

Posted on February 24, 2012 at 3:02 pm
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Says IKEA Fan Marina on her blog and in her letter to us, “Although Ikea has tons of virtues, their website is certainly not one of them. … After going crazy figuring out what we could place in our tiny kitchen for storage, I felt the need of a time-saver application as the Ikeameter. I was seating in our Kivik sofa, and told Fer:

‘It’d be so awesome if I could just enter my measures and Ikea told me what products fit! I’m sick of searching!’ and he told me: ‘I could do that for you…’,”

Ah, true love…(deep sigh!!!). I wish I’d had this story up for Valentine’s Day, but I post it today as a post-Valentine’s Tribute to true love of the kind only another IKEA Fan could understand. Leave a comment if you’d love it if your guy did this for you, ladies! Read on to see how Fer solved Marina’s problem and how to get the app…

IKEAmeter = Awesome


Ever wanted to know which of the many different IKEA dining tables would fit in your narrow dining room? Or maybe you’ve got limited space for a coffee table, and you want to know which ones will fit before heading in to the store. Well, my friends, you’re in luck – IKEA Fan Marina wrote to tell us all about the geeky IKEA project she and her significant other, Fer took on we’re thrilled to help share their gift to the IKEA Fan Community….

Says Marina of the inspiration for the project,

We needed more place for storing and organizing, and had just a pretty small gap avaible: 120cm width, 60cm depth. So we spent days and days trying to find something affordable, that would solve our problem. And finally, we went for a Pax, and we’re very happy about it. But, this process made me wish there was something that could tell me what Ikea products fit in my empty space, so that I could choose just between them.

That way, I wouldn’t have to waste so much time scanning the Ikea website, and going crazy with measures. So, my boyfriend and I decided to do the app for ourselves… but when it was finished, and we get it to work just exactly how we wanted, we decided to share it with the world, and if we happen to be helpful for someone, then all our hard work we’ve been worth it :)


Of the finished product (well, it’s a work in progress like all apps and software online), the Ikeameter, she says, “It works for most of the countries where Ikea has stores, and we’ll be happy to hear any suggestions, and of course, If it’s actually useful for somebody, like it is for us :),” please post your comments!

IKEAmeter Development

We asked about the development process, and this is what Marina had to say:

I can tell you that first, we analyzed and processed the Ikea products from evey country, with scrips programmed by Fer. That was the most difficult thing to do, cause the Ikea websites from each country are different to one another, so It’s like we had to do a lot of Ikeameters instead of just the one. Building the app itself was pretty simple, as it is meant to be as easy and fast as possible. Lately, we’ve been adding some features, as a budget filter, and we keep thinking on ways to improve it :)

Read up on the launch of the ikeameter at Marina’s blog: The Launching of the ikeameter and keep up with her on Twitter:


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