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Unique IKEA Kitchen Design? It doesn’t Yurt!

Posted on May 7, 2012 at 2:19 pm
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IKEA Kitchen in a Yurt Dwelling

Or does it?  A question, yes, but really more of a challenge:  Can YOU help create a more well rounded design?

We usually blog about awesome projects that our members have completed and shared with the community, but this time we’d like to be a bit more “rounded” in our coverage.  This time we bring you an awesomely unique project that’s still in the design stages.  Join the community in helping juniper232 bring life to a dream kitchen in the round!

Juniper 232’s Kitchen in the Round

IKEA Kitchen Planning in a Yurt

Juniper232 is in the process of planning an IKEA Kitchen for the Yurt they are moving in to on their property in Northern Idaho. You can read all about it, and then jump over to the Kitchen Planning forum to get the heads up on where the yurt kitchen design stands.

IKEAFANS Kitchen Planning Forum

Do you have a kitchen design challenge? Are you unsure how to get started on your kitchen design? Never fear! Jump right in to posting on the IKEA Kitchen Planning forums, and in no time you’ll be getting answers to questions you never knew you’d have!



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