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Screw this! No, really.

Posted on June 14, 2012 at 9:55 am
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akurum-pullout-template-screw-placementIKEA Fans member, Keithisconfuseden (who is building his own house btw, go Keith!), posted the picture above with a plaintive cry, “This can’t possibly be right!” Well, Keith – you’re wrong. BUT, you’re not alone. Read on to find out how the implausible is totally and completely plausible. 

AKURUM Pullout Cabinet Instructions and Template


Diagram A.

The instructions for the AKURUM pullout cabinet reference a template which allows you to attach the door  to the deep drawer, creating a pullout cabinet from what could have been a plain old boring doored cabinet. What would be the fun in that? FYI, Free for you: The template is not included with the instructions, but is packaged with the replacement fronts for the interior drawers that are used when you convert a standard door / drawer cabinet to a pullout unit with interior drawers. Got it?

Anyhoo – in the olden days (see Diagram A., right?), IKEA provided a wood plug and some glue so that you could plug the existing hole for the hinge plate and then drill into that plug to place the attachment for the drawer parts. Even then, people had a hard time with the idea (and its practical application) leading to posts like this one from Chuck, sagely advising, “Whack the crap out of it.”

That was then. This is now.

akurum-pullout-template-screw-placementThen some genius discovered that there was a plastic plug that when inserted and pounded gently into the existing hinge cup hole presented the perfect location and placement for the screw required to attach the door front for the pullout unit. Voila! And everyone rejoiced.

It’s the non-intuitive placement that has everyone up in arms. Yes, it’s correct – you do put that screw right where you don’t think you should screw anything. So there you have it. All clear now?

Screw it: An Alternative to the Drill

If you don’t like the drilling method, forget the drill and just use the larger screws as suggested by Rich of iKitchensetc in the thread Rationell Pull Out Drawer for 12″ Base Cabinet

If you like where that came from, why don’t you check out our YouTube video in which we unravel the mystery of how to remove a drawer front: How to Remove an IKEA Kitchen Drawer Front


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6 Responses to “Screw this! No, really.”

  1. Personalshopper says:

    What an excellent, informative, entertaining article. Too late for me…but otherwise, excellent. And no, I’m not going to tell you what we did to that first pullout….but it wasn’t pretty.

  2. sherryloo says:

    There must have been a mind-meld of some kind going on! I had started looking at how to put my pull-out door together last week, and decided I needed a ‘kitchen vacation’ (we have been doing a full kitchen reno over the last 4 months all by lonesomes) because I couldn’t make head or tails of the instructions. The door was back on my list of ‘things to do today’ – and I don’t know what made me look at this article before starting my list but — you are now my hero! (And have no doubt saved me an hour or two!!) Thanks!

  3. Annalea says:

    Too funny–I came here looking for info on this VERY thing. lol. Thanks!

  4. Bonnie says:

    Wow…we had this same question! Just weeks BEFORE finding this website.

  5. dan says:

    Ok, Maybe it is ok as a fix to an earlier drawer conversion problem but when buying new there is no need to have the plastic plug there except to give me an inferior product. It makes the deep drawer door panel connection weaker and I can;t get the panel to line up with drawers on both sides of the panel. Any tips appreciated.

    If they made sold the door panel without the hinge plate hole it would make for a much better design.

  6. Martin says:

    Where can I get another set of these. The larder unit and drawers only came with one pair and I need another…

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