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2013 IKEA Catalog Launch

Posted on July 18, 2012 at 3:19 pm
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2013 IKEA Catalog Cover - USAWelp, today is the big day – the 2013 IKEA catalog (yes, THAT far in advance) is being launched today here in the United States. Availability in stores will vary, but you’ll likely have to wait until later in the month or after August 1st. More on that later!  Check out the new IKEA Catalog cover, find out about the new interactive catalog app coming to your iOS device July 31st, and some great video from IKEA inside…

2013 IKEA Catalog – What’s New

ikea catalog production - photo shoot

Production of the IKEA catalog for 2013 began nearly a year ago in Sweden (picture of a photo shoot above!) and has been printed 211 million times for 43 countries in 63 versions. It’s wider than in recent years, and the paper quality is improved, but aside from those aesthetic changes, the new IKEA catalog offers tons of innovation in interactivity, with scannable pages which bring you more information such as interviews with IKEA designers, how-tos, and behind the scenes videos (all available through the new app, coming July 31st, 2012).

2012 IKEA Product Range

Look for new trends and offers in the 2013 catalog, including the IKEA PS 2012 collection and the new folk-inspired NÄTVIDE collection (see below).

At IKEA this year, there’s visible influence from craftmanship and traditions of Asia, Africa and South America that are rooted in the handmade and the natural. The results are solitaires and accessories with strong attitudes and unexpected shapes. Rugs are designed and woven in traditional ways. Accents like plant pots, bowls, baskets and lamps use natural fibers like paper, bamboo and rattan. Ceramic, glass and black iron contrast the natural fiber accents. Earthy colors from beige, brown and burnt reddish-oranges easily mix in with other styles while breaking convention. This brings a warm feeling to a room that’s eclectic, folky and a little bit bold.

See handpicked new products from the 2013 catalog: New for August 2012 – IKEA Products. Check back later this week for more on our faves!

You’ll be able to find new IKEA products in the stores technically after August 1st, but you may see some new things popping up even now, with other items trickling in later in the fall, or as late as February 2013. This IS the 2013 catalog, after all. :D

IKEA Trend for 2013: Folk

In today’s ever-industrial world, we long for the feeling of handicraft and tradition – even when it comes to interiors. Natural fibers, ceramics and weaves help create this feeling while different graphic patterns add strong attitudes that are even more human.

But this style isn’t just about handicraft and tradition – it’s about fusion, too. That’s why it’s typical to mix colors, materials and patterns. Like adding spice to a stew, mix in a little or a lot to suit your personal taste.

IKEA Color Trends for 2013

Accessories are focused on the soft colors of yellows, purples and blues from August through February when a new palette of colors will come out.

IKEA Interactive Catalog App

Available July 31st this new app from IKEA will make your 2013 IKEA catalog interactive with video and additional materials about products, rooms and the stories that go along with them. We can’t wait! How do you think you might use this to help your IKEA Shopping Experience?



10 Responses to “2013 IKEA Catalog Launch”

  1. ted says:

    I didn’t think we’d see anything before August, thanks Susan!

  2. trish says:

    Here is a video ad for thenew catalog (it’s alive!):

  3. Tim says:

    Just like last year, here is the direct link:

    (warning flash)

  4. linda says:

    oh YAY! i loves me some ikea catalog!!!! i’ll have to make a roadtrip to pick one up once they have them in the store…. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  5. mario81 says:

    From the site
    (thanks to TIM)
    is possible to download the PDF catalog simply pressing on the symbol “+” on the right side of flash catalog, next “Download the Ikea catalog”


  6. pjdpinheiro says:

    Tim, your link didn’t work for me,
    I think the correct address for 2013 catalog is:

  7. Jason says:

    I just found out about IKEA when I visited the store in Cincinnati a few months ago. I loved how they had all the sample rooms set up. Where have I been all these years?

    I will be buying from them as I remodel my new house.

  8. cojle says:

    I am planning a new kitchen for a few months now. I started with the last year’s catalog (2012) and tried refreshing the design in this year’s (2013) catalog. I noticed to my dismay that besides raising the prices for cabinets (~10%) they also discontinued a number of items, colors and choices! For example, there are no more Avsikt glass/aluminum horizontal wall cabinet doors! The designs offered now are more classic, in reduced number of colors for the contemporary designs, etc. This is a big shame!! Affordable contemporary design is the reason I went to IKEA 15 years ago! Marketing people are making big, dumb mistakes and they need to be told that!

  9. ted says:

    The Canadian catalog (with higher prices than the US) is now online:

  10. drew23 says:

    The official Ikea iPhone app is bleh. Doesn’t solve a big problem I have:

    I wanted to picture Ikea furniture in my house before I bought anything.
    Mainly for one reason: returning things is a pain in the ***.

    So me and 2 friends hacked together an iPhone app that does just that.
    It’s called Ikea Now. Oh and its free.

    (And we’re not affiliated with Ikea in any way. Just 3 nerds from CA who saw a problem and built a solution and had our 3 iPhone loving wives test it for simplicity.)
    4 1/2 stars

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