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Susan and James – Signing Off

Posted by Susan on October 29, 2014 at 12:17 pm
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James and Susan here – As many of you know, life has become very complex for us over the last few years – LOTS of changes – but we haven’t let that get us down! The silver lining is that Susan lost over 140 pounds in the process and changed the entire family’s way of approaching food and health. Just like when we started IKEAFANS, we realized that we have a desire to share this experience and to grow a community around our new passion for healthy lifestyles. With our friends – like you guys!

Over the last nine years, we’ve enjoyed helping fulfill dreams of awesome IKEA kitchens, and it feels like a natural step to move into developing recipes, discovering new foods and continuing to share our real-life experiences with our like-minded peers. It’s what we love. It’s what we want to do with our lives. But it’ll be more about LIFEstyle, less about DOORstyle, if you will.

While we love the community and content we’ve built here together, we’re ready to jump into the future and we’d love for you to come see us – initially at where we will continue exploring good food, great health and positive lifestyle changes, and soon – where we’ll document our (possibly insane) decision to go full-time on the road in an RV with our two tweens by this time next year. I know, nuts. Tigger will surely be customizing and there WILL BE PICTURES. We love pictures. ;)

Thanks for your inspiration and contributions to IKEAFANS.
Signing off,
James and Susan


Keep Your Drawers On – Best Bang for the Buck at IKEA

Posted by Susan on August 22, 2014 at 7:26 am
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If you’ve hung around in the IKEAFANS Kitchen Planning forums at all, you know we highly recommend replacing all of your base cabinet interiors with drawers.* IKEA’s drawer-boxes for the kitchen systems are Tandembox made by BLUM and they’re one of the best buys at IKEA, and certainly the biggest bang for your buck in IKEA Kitchens. Read on for tips on getting the drawers installed and uninstalled, removing the drawer fronts, hacks including a toekick drawer (!!!) and Lessons Learned on this most valuable choice in your IKEA kitchen, the humble drawer box.  Read More …


IKEA Hack: Pominique’s Laser Level Solution

Posted by Susan on July 30, 2014 at 3:30 pm
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IKEAFANS member Pominique posted an ingenious solution to a common problem in kitchen remodeling: how to handle the laser level and ensure a level line for hanging cabinets.

“I am currently installing my first IKEA kitchen (90% complete). It is a large kitchen (13 x 17) with cabinets in a U shape on 2 1/2 walls. We are having quartz installed, so I wanted to support the base cabinets on a ledger board under the rear of the cabinets instead of just using legs. I found a cheap way to get a level line for the ledger board using IKEA parts I had on hand.”

This method will work for any level line you need to strike, whether it be for base or wall cabinets, or for hanging framed art or photography in a gallery! Read on to see the whole assembly and more tips and tricks to  installing IKEA base and tall pantry cabinets… Read More …


Why I LOVE IKEAFANS! Contest Winner Announcement

Posted by Susan on July 18, 2014 at 7:04 pm
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Photo Credit: Marie-11, Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved

It reads like a love story … no wonder we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this winning entry from our friend and fellow IKEA Fan, Ann P., whose winning entry came in just in time!

My life before discovering IKEAFANS consisted of things like removing the door from a drawer I bought in the As-Is department by brute force. LOL! Big splinters on the back of that piece! Thank heavens I soon discovered your wonderful site. The amount of help I’ve gotten has just been incredible.

I needed to do my kitchen on a budget, so that meant slowly gathering materials as they appeared in the As Is. Which meant, there were never instructions, etc. So I came to depend heavily – and gratefully! – on all the instruction pdf’s you make available, many for discontinued items, as well as dozens of postings of other folks dealing with various issues.

One of the most amazing occurrences came when I scored a lot of discontinued AMB glass doors and needed to replace the glass in the lower ones with wood. How in the world to do that? Well, incredibly, IKEAFANS has a page, “How to remove the center panel of an AMB door.” I’m telling you, it don’t get much luckier than that!

So while I was slowly accumulating supplies, I had plenty of time to plan my kitchen, and IKEAFANS was like my brainstorming committee. My own personal Think Tank if you will. I spent hours looking at all the wonderful members’ finished kitchens, reading their suggestions and warnings, and going “ooh! I like THAT!” more times than I can count.

So I ended up with a narrow broom closet that is the envy of all my friends; a pull-out drawer dedicated to the trash can; and a pull-out spice rack hacked from a 30″ drawer turned on its side. I found out how to install the Ferrari hinges on hacked over-fridge cabinets that were originally intended to be verticals. And one thing I’m grateful for EVERY day, was the idea of putting a rod under the sink, about halfway down, on which to hang spray bottles. Glory be! I get happy every time I re-hang a bottle without having to stoop over!

So that’s just the kitchen; I’ve also found needed info on a couple of wardrobes, a Billy with glass doors, a desktop with legs, you name it.

And besides all that, as if it weren’t enough, the FRIENDLINESS of the site is absolutely inspiring – what a wonderful example to set in the world! The staff’s answers and comments are consistently upbeat, encouraging, and patient. You really go out of your way time and again to find links, answer queries, and make your own suggestions.

And my goodness, there was one birthday when IKEAFANS was the only one to send me greetings till late in the day! It just made me smile.

So I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of things I could mention, but that’s the gist of it right there. Were I a poet, I’d write a sonnet that would go down in history. As it is, I’m just a big IKEAFANS FANGIRL and proud of it!

The love is mutual, IKEA Fan Ann!  Thanks to all the entrants – we loved reading through all the entries and are humbled by your generous words.


DOMSJO That Sink! It Has Problems

Posted by Susan on July 7, 2014 at 9:12 am
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IKEA DOMSJO Sink Backorder - SOLD OUT! This isn’t the first time IKEA has had problems with the DOMSJO sink or even the second. Still, when production and quality are under control, you can hardly get a better deal on an apron-front farmhouse-style sink – either the single or the full are unbeatable deals and make an affordable substitute for a traditional fireclay sink. Just take a look at all the DOMSJO single bowl and double bowl sinks in our galleries!

DOMSJO Single Sink Backorder

Back in March 2014, IKEAFANS member Samantha7V posted about a problem getting an IKEA apron-front Single DOMSJÖ sink (article number 498.474.79) due to unavailable stock. How long is the DOMSJO Sink Backorder? It appears that the DOMSJO had a change in manufacturer about the same time it received publicity in a magazine article and unsurprisingly, demand exceeded supply. Oops! Member Kowpalicious (love the handle!) confirmed the same problem with getting a DOMSJO as far back as January 2014:

“The rep originally said he thought it was a production issue, and they were working on fixing things to keep up with demand. Who knows if that’s right. Today they said there was no update or new information, but since they are stocking and making the double sink still, he did not have any reason to believe the single would be discontinued. He also stated this was a world-wide shortage.”

But that’s not the only problem with the DOMSJO. Read on for the good news and the bad news… Read More …


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