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Who are we? Huh. Well, I can tell you who we are not. We are not affiliated with IKEA in any way; we are not IKEA co-workers, partners, affiliates, sales representatives, nor are we sponsored, financially or otherwise, by IKEA - we do this for fun!. We're just regular folks who were looking for more IKEA information than was available on the internet (vast though it may be) and couldn't find it.

This site evolved out of a desire to provide consolidated and archived information for investigating, planning, assembling and installing IKEA products. Our goal is to enable access to information about IKEA products, to provide inspiration and ideas, to furnish assistance with planning, to make available instructions, to help with assembly, modification and installation questions and to provide answers to both common and uncommon queries about IKEA in general and IKEA kitchens especially. In addition, we are now providing access to an online database of photos, articles, tutorials, store information, product information as well as providing blogging functionality to our members.

This would not be possible without the generous contributions of people who have volunteered their time and their talents, their photographs, information, wisdom, suggestions, graphic design talents, references and resources, marketing expertise and even legal advice! There are many who are also participating in the advancement of the knowledge base daily, by sharing their questions, answers, stories and advice on the forums. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and to those who continue to contribute through active participation on the forums. None of this would be here without you!

We are pleased and fortunate to have a fantastic group of Moderators and Community Mentors who make it their mission to ensure that all members and guests feel welcomed, to answer questions and/or point people in the right direction, and assist with behind the scenes management and administration. To learn more about our esteemed Moderators and Mentors, check out the Mods' and Mentors' Profile Page.

Huh? Oh, asked about us. We, in a more specific sense, are Susan and James. We live one of the last small towns in America: Pop. 302, no joke. We work from home and are homeschooling our children. We devote a LOT of hours to the site every fact, if you contact us, one of us will likely to get back to you within an hour unless we happen to be out of town, or well...sleeping. You can often find us on the forums, where we're quite present. We're a little bit fanatical...

We are looking forward to finding out more about you!